X-Mondays VIP Lessons-Learned Retreats Ramping Up

X-Mondays, the Lessons-Learned Radio Show is finally re-launching on the all new BSRN platform, and with it comes a whole pile of great news.

See we learned a LOT from our very successful run on Blog Talk Radio. We learned how to put together experts, timely topics, and business leaders like you in a format that helps you, our audience, to grow both as a person, and as a leader of your business.

Coming November 6th, the X-Mondays Premium Club and VIP Club will both be launching, giving you more than what we cover in our radio shows, and for the VIP's a LOT more!

Our Premium Club members will get extra interviews each week, a weekly group call where we go live with you and a panel of experts to help you learn the trends, data, strategies, and skills you'll need to solve your most pressing business and mindset issues. We'll also have free downloads of great training products, ebooks, roadmaps, research, articles and more.

Now for the VIP members, here's where things get really exciting. Every VIP member gets a choice of one of four all-inclusive retreat getaways (excluding airfare.) You will also get 40 weeks of VIP group coaching, and a number of resources exclusive to our VIPs worth over $10,000 each year.

Here is what we're working on right now as far as our retreats for 2018:


Disrupting The Coaching Channel
Coaching as a business has been an industry that has gone through several growth stages over the last 60 years, and it has hit a serious plateau where coaches now are facing extremely difficult hurdles in attracting and retaining customers according to their ideal client profiles. That means you end up handling less-than-ideal clients, you typically can't get them focused to produce their ideal results the way you would with a client that matches your ideal client prototype, and you aren't making as much money per client either.

That's because the business has changed... and part of that change has been a stagnation as to what business coaching delivers.

What once was all about inspiring innovation and innovative solutions for clients has mellowed out into branding slogans and small paycheques.

What if we could show you how to completely transform your coaching business into a fully scalable, innovative, money-making and client-satisfying new industry player?

Over 5-7 days in early April we're going to be visiting either Bermuda or The Bahamas. On our trip we're going to have a session each day focused on building a brand new business model for you that stabilizes your income, grows your top end, and transforms your coaching business into a 7-figure a year business using gushing edge innovation, ground-breaking new coaching business models, and transformative new ways to help your clients achieve their very best in 2018.

We're including several experiential sessions to give you the kinds of experiences these new coaching business models can have for your clients so you can have the full experience, as well as helping you set up the technology you'll need to pull it all together before you even leave the ship. At the end of the cruise all 20 VIP members will have the technology, the tools, the strategies, and the experiences you will need to be the disruptive force the coaching industry has been waiting for.

Summer 2018

2018 Marketing All-Inclusive in New England & Nova Scotia

Timed, we hope, to coincide with lobster season in Boston and Halifax, we're going to take a 5-7 day cruise along the US and Canadian East coast spending our days working with you and 19 other VIP members to completely fill out your marketing plans for the rest of 2018. That includes helping you to build out your campaigns, plan your marketing buying decisions, build your internet marketing, lead-nurturing, and sales funnel infrastructures, as well as specifically building your strategies out for your 4th Quarter sales.

Most top brands have their year's marketing budgets, media buying strategies, and holiday collateral finished by the end of May, while most entrepreneurs haven't got their's figured out by October. The difference to your 4th Quarter sales can be night and day.

Imagine saving an average of 25% on all your media buying for your holiday advertising, saving more than half on the cost of your holiday inventory buys for your email marketing campaigns, and knowing all your best keyword and targeting research in May so you can hit EXACTLY the right audience and save as much as 80% of your ad dollars just by spending the money on the right audiences instead of trying to figure it out at the last minute at full price.

Imagine having all of your follow-up and retargeting campaigns built and waiting for you during the holidays just needing some last minute tweaks, instead of flailing around trying to build something half-fast at the last minute? Maximizing your audience segmentation means you can increase your conversion rates from 0.03% to as much as 40% per segment!

If you make 40% of your year's income in the last 3 months of the year (standard estimate) and you can grow it from a 0.03% conversion to a 40% conversion rate, that's like multiplying your annual income by over 1300 times! Even if you're not a natural and you get a bunch of it wrong, growing your conversion rate from 0.03% to 2% could be a 66x increase in business for you. And if we're 95% wrong, then you still grew your business by more than 3x!

That's how powerful this intensive program can be for you and your results in 2018. Combined with professional development, live entertainment, and fresh lobster, berries, and all the ambiance and culture of the East coast, and you're looking at an amazing and powerful way to grow your results the right way.

Business Book Writing Intensive
If you know me at all, then you know I know the publishing industry's strengths and weaknesses intimately. You also know that I've built entirely new business models to fix the whole broken mess that today's publishing has turned into.

That also includes fixing the author's problems with getting your books put together.

Imagine having a whole book written, from scratch to submission in under a week, including the cover designed, the marketing plan, the business model(s)... all that's left is the layout and formatting.

EVERY person on this week long cruise will have a completed book if they follow the program and take advantage of the resources we're bringing with us to get the photography, videos, art work, marketing, and editing handled. You'll also have a fantastic week long trip up to Alaska and back seeing the most brilliant fall colors, whale pods, and West Coast experiences you could ask for.

Listen, do yourself a favor - give yourself the luxury of having a week-long professional development tax write-off while producing your next book in a style and with the support most authors only ever dream of so that you can immediately launch the book into several extremely powerful business models that will propel your end of 2018 results and all of your 2019 as well.

Winter 2018
X-Mondays Year-End Mastermind Caribbean Cruise
After a whole year of lessons learned, there comes a time when you need to review everything you've learned and make sure you've found the best ways to make your lessons turn into real improvements. Looking back and picking those key lessons you'll need to grow forward without repeating the same mistakes of the past is a critical investment that pays huge dividends.

Welcome aboard our year end cruise , and join us in this intensive week-long program of digging deeply into the past year's wins and losses to find those pockets of gold that can help us identify huge new opportunities for growth in 2019!