BSRN Coming To Facebook

With the launch of the all new Business Speakers Radio Network underway, one of the big announcements is coming up next week as we launch our new radio stream becoming available directly on Facebook.

We're getting really excited about this as it will give us a chance to interact more and more with our listeners live on Facebook as our shows air. And we will hopefully be able to add our feeds directly to each of our show pages as well, meaning whichever of our hosts you're following, you'll be able to listen to their shows directly from their Facebook pages.

While right now some of our mobile feeds are a bit buggy, we're actively working on building brand new mobile apps for our hosts and our stations, so our mobile experience is already getting built to be amazing when it's ready, but for now, and for its own advantages, our ability to add our shows and station feeds to Facebook will give us a huge opportunity to reach new audiences globally very, very quickly.

So stay tuned for our announcement next week, and listen in for your favorite shows!