Chris Cayer Survives Health Scare, New Shows Delayed


Chris Cayer, Founder of the Business Speakers Radio Network, and host of 3 shows on the all new BSRN network, ended up in the hospital on Friday, April 27th, 2018 after visiting his family physician to deal with a lingering throat and chest infection that was preventing him from recording new shows. He was admitted overnight for observation and treatment on concerns over risks of stroke. Fortunately treatment was timely and he was released late the next day.


With a number of very concerning issues including his throat and chest infection, his voice is not strong enough to record shows right now, and is expected to take several weeks to recover, delaying the launches of all three of his new shows, X-Mondays, The Professional Speakers Radio Show, and The Joint Venture Institute.

He is back to work in the studio, however, helping other hosts get their shows on air, so expect new launch dates for his shows soon.