Has Crypto Currency Made Entrepreneurship Cool Again?

I don't know about you, but for decades all I've heard in social circles is how evil and awful business ownership was, but these days a quite vocal source of oorahs for entrepreneurship is coming from a brand new source - cryptocurrency investors. Taking on all comers, those who are neck deep invested into crypto have heard every slur, every gripe and complaint, and cheerfully unrepentently they're beginning to fight back, and with them it seems we're starting to really see a big uptick in discussions about how someone really should prepare for personal success - should it be with a university education for a career or should it be in building the skills and knowledge you need to get into business for yourself as quickly as humanly possible and fail your way forward to inevitable success?

From Tucker Carlson to Mike Rowe, from Elon Musk to Gary Vaynerchuk, and from Grant Cardone to Jack Ma, entrepreneurs are starting to get some media boosting like we haven't seen in several generations, and the timing is particularly interesting to note. Just as block chain technology is having a major impact on traditional currency valuations and personal investment strategies, people seem to be opening their minds to potentials they have long felt simply didn't apply to them.

After all, until the JOBS Act, unless you were an accredited investor, you were always going to be outside looking in on the biggest and best investment opportunities. Now between crowdfunding for equity and block chain ICOs, last I heard Lamborghinis have now been backordered for as much as 18 months as new independent wealth holders are starting to show that success isn't a birthright but the result of taking a risk and investing in new opportunities.

Likewise the rise of the YouTube class of social media entrepreneurs, people making millions for opening toys or other products on camera, or even for as little as eating supper, alone, talking to the camera, this new phenomenon has opened people's eyes to the artificial limitations they've been convinced of for all these years.

While strict causation may not apply in the relationship between cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship's growing public support, there's no denying they're coincidental timing is having a positive impact on both.