Well, now you can hear it, see it, interact with it, so you know that BSRN, the Business Speakers Radio Network is about to EXPLODE with content, traffic, and revenues for all of our great hosts as we have totally revolutionized how talk radio gets monetized. You're probably thinking to yourself by now that you're a talented business expert, maybe an author or public speaker... maybe this is something YOU could do? And you just might be right!

The Business Speakers Radio Network is building a total of 9 stations this year, including BSRN and HHG Radio for starters. In all we're going to need over 1500 hosts before the end of the year, and we expect to have over 900 hosts by the end of summer. So if 70% royalties and not having to sell a single ad to support your show sound like music to your ears, now's the time to send us an email to see if hosting your show with us is the right move for you. To apply, please email and let's see if we can work together to change lives around the world.