Restricted Access News Service Beginning On BSRN In May

Five years ago, more or less, an idea fomented for a news service that would be global in range, business-centric in scope, providing highlights, news, and analysis of useful news that business professionals could use to better their successes and enrich their lives. A news service that reported the news with traditional journalistic principles, looking to inform rather than entertain, and to provide value rather than make someone the brunt of a 'gotcha' moment.

It was never meant to be a news service for everyone, but a news service for those that would rather hear the opinions of experts plus a summarized outlining of the facts of a subject instead of the opinions of talking heads with an intern's 5 minutes of cheat sheet research slanted with a predefined political opinion.

Starting sometime in May, Restricted Access News has agreed to offer an original news cast to the Business Speakers Radio Network, focusing on business coverage leveraging their network of global sources. While Restricted Access News will be offering a news cast throughout the day for the listeners of the Business Speakers Radio Network and their subscribing sister stations, they will eventually deploy their own 24-hour premium original news service for paying members only later this year.

In the late 90s the founder of BSRN and Restricted Access News also founded another online news service that quickly reached over a million views a month called The Ottawa Edition, a part of the site of the era. As the first official play by play news service for professional hockey, football and baseball in North America, The Ottawa Edition also was a popular source of original news that you didn't see on the traditional media sites, and that frankly was often much more interesting and popular to its readers.

While at the time Guide-To-Ottawa succumbed to difficulties in monetizing their traffic given the common belief at the time among advertisers that consumers would never use the Internet to shop, today the market is totally different and is frankly ready for an end to the talking heads, whose main job is to make viewers angry so they can be engaged and kept on the network so they can be exposed to more ads.

It's time for a new news service to join the media options for global viewers, and Restricted Access News is getting ready to take their place, starting with original news feeds to the Business Speakers Radio Network.

Their line up will include 6-8 segments daily, offering stories specifically for different regions at their corresponding prime morning time slots. Focusing regionally, daily offerings will include North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and featured segments and shows as well. An announcement this weekend is expected defining the launch dates for the new RAN news segments on BSRN.