Flipsy Review and Bonuses (Do Not Buy Flipsy Without My Custom Bonuses

hey there claps mithya and welcome to my review of flipsie now in this review what we're going to be doing is we're going to be having a look at what what is flip see how you can make money with it I'll take you inside the members area so that you can have a look at what should be getting when you pick this up today I also want to show you the the vender bonuses the pricing and upsells as well as all of my custom bonuses that I've put together for you on this particular product now if you enjoy these sorts of videos maybe consider subscribing to to my channel and hearing the the bail notification so that you get notified of upcoming products that I believe will help you in your internet marketing and helping you to make money online with that being said let's jump straight in and here we are on the on the sales page for flipsie now flipsie in a nutshell is basically going to teach you how to find expired domains that you can then resell on auction on the site called flipper and that's great because you don't need any technical experience you know prior experience with technical knowledge at all you just need to go out and find them follow the steps in the course and you'll be able to then flip them on auction to make easy money every single day so it's perfect for newbies perfect for experienced marketers you just looking to add another revenue stream to their business so making easy 297 dots 287 plus dollars per day selling stuff you don't own do all of that without paid traffic and experience they actually show you how to get traffic to your to your auctions which is fantastic yeah so let's just go through here so yes you can get results in less than 24 hours you don't need any skills to run this method and you don't need a list so perfect for newbies traffic traffic is built-in and included as I said there's a massive market so saturation won't be a problem and you're going to get a hundred percent free tools to use so there's won't cost you anything to setup let's just go through here a bit okay okay so it's a fresh new method or sort of new method you this has been around for a while but it's a fresh spin on on domain flipping so we'll get into a little bit more of that in the in the members area so you don't need paid traffic an email list Instagram YouTube Facebook Google just just an easy system to get in to follow the course directions find the right domains and and flip them to make easy money alright so the best part about this is you get to keep a hundred percent of the Commission's and you know you can get the customers that you can solve to over and over again and it doesn't matter where you are in the world you can be making money online from this now waking up early to go to your job yeah I don't know I don't to say that you're gonna be quitting your job anytime soon but you know follow these methods and you will be making a comfortable sideline income no doubt ok so there's really just three steps involved here join the flipsie system follow through the course get the available domain names and place them on auction and then collect your payments with your PayPal account and repeat the process ok as I said unique twist on an old-school method every single tool that you need is inside and free you don't need to pay for for any of that and you will get results if you follow through with the system it's like anything do the work and you can expect the results don't do anything and you know that's exactly what you can expect is nothing so what will you get when you join the flip see today you're gonna get the main PDF instruction so there's there's pdfs as well as videos everything is really well documented and laid out for you so you should have no issues there video modules real life case study all the tools as I said a checklist so that you make sure you haven't missed on anything as well as special bonuses that are also included so those free bonuses okay they've got basically $50,000 worth of domain names that you can register and start flipping straightaway so all the research has already been done for you so get in early to make sure that you can start doing this immediately before those and the main names are all taken I'll be free to register now then bonus number two if you know the SD bot okay you know that that's I'm software that you have to pay for this little hack will get us Tabata for free so you don't need to to pay that and I think it's somewhere in the region of about $300 a year if I'm not mistaken to use that software so you'll be getting that absolutely for free so definitely worth having that one name it's not going to cost you thousands to get into this don't worry but before we get to the price let's just recap what you're going to be getting the only beginning the main PDF instructions the video modules real-life case study all the tools the checklist the free domain names the HD bot hack and special bonuses total value of that 147 dollars you're not going to be paying that if you get in early its 995 is a 30 day money back guarantee so really no risk try it out for 30 days if you're unhappy there'll be a no questions asked refund so that's fine this is going to be on a damn sale so it will be going up with every purchase to make sure you get in early to get the best possible price as well as my bonuses there's a couple of frequently asked questions over here you're welcome to go through that on the sales page the the link to to my bonus pages in the description below if you click on any of the buttons in that bonus page you'll be taken through to the sales page that you can have a look at over here so let's head over to my bonus page very quickly make sure you go all the way down to the bottom of this page in order to get the to see what my bonuses are I'll take you to them in a second the link for this page is in the description below this video let's just go through here quickly all right so the bonus page will expire on the just get back up to the top here on the 8th of October 11:59 Eastern Standard so make sure you get in before then to get my bonuses so we've been through what flipsie is all about it's gonna the prices and the upsells so on the front end you're gonna get the the PDF from the video modules the case studies as well as those bonuses that I spoke about the domains as well as the tools and it starts out at 995 going up to 1245 then there's an upgrade the first upgrade is gonna cost you twenty seven dollars and it comes with done-for-you campaigns done for you means saving you time which means saving you a lot of money in the long run and a much higher likelihood of success so I would recommend that you go for this upgrade over here you don't have to you but if you've got the money definitely worth it you know you'll be getting dumped you campaigns special buyer insights on getting free laser targeted traffic and it also contains a bonus with over tender names tin domain names free to register right away them is a brokerage me that was taken upgrade $39 with private mastermind access so you know you'll you'll be you'll be receive a method that the creators are using to resell other people's domain names without investing a damn so you know it's like an arbitrage method and poorly worth checking out as well and then upgrade three private coaching access with another special bonus private coaching for $67 is an absolute steal you're taking up you know somebody else's time so I would definitely get in on that $67 and you're gonna receive scalp coaching session and a one top secret method that the creator's using daily to flip domain names that's spinning a dollar and how am I having able to have customers approach me so becoming the the hunted to the hunter which is fantastic all right so as I said there's a 30-day money-back guarantee let's go down to the bonuses is a demo on this page as well so I've included a ton of bonuses here these bonuses are worth more than the the price of the the front-end so definitely worth picking them up my first one is a youtube hack we're going to show you the fastest way to rank your videos in 2018 as well as another bonus money making method it's also an arbitrage method where you don't have to do any of the work yourself and you can easily make an additional $50 plus per day I'm being conservative with the $50 day and then bonus number 3 is exclusive access to another free money making system where you can be making up to as much as $1,000 just by sharing your link to this free system so you'll get exclusive access to that and then my final custom bonus here is learning how to get guaranteed approval on for product approval and for top product launches so that you don't have to miss out on those launches again I've also got a couple of additional bonuses here that you can have a look at so there's another six bonuses or four bonuses there I'll be throwing in an additional two so by the time you come back to this page there'll be additional bonuses as well so yeah click the button below any of these green buttons will take you through to that sales page where you can pick it up get in early 995 your bonuses will be delivered inside of jvzoo so once you've purchased and you go through to your purchases you'll be able to see down below access your purchases you'll get your bonuses there there's a little blue link and you'll be able to pick up your bonuses there now if we go inside the the members area here this is what it's going to look like so you'll be able to register for for an upcoming webinar as well as join the Facebook mastermind group and if you didn't pick up the upgrades you can pick them up over here as well all the tools that you're going to need are listed here so you create an accounts with all of these different providers here and it won't cost you anything so don't worry about that all of them are free and essential to this method so a little bit of work in the setup but once you setup you know you're a four away and you'll be ready to go with this so here are the the Darla at the downloads this was the PDF guide as well as the issue bot heck it's going to basically save you three hundred and forty eight dollars per year as well as the 50k worth of domain name so you'll be able to pick those up as well there's two additional bonuses here that the vendor has provided to you as well so make sure you you download those so ton of value and yeah we get into it so you would have gone through the PDFs you will have set up all of those different accounts for those tools that you need there's ten videos the first one is just explaining why they use you know dot IO domain names and and why there's a ton of value in them right now then you know creating your your name prose account they just walk you through that step by step it's not a difficult process but if you get stuck you can obviously go to that tutorial there then the the name prose auction get how to create the the auction and start attracting free traffic every day traffic is obviously very important and then you know creating your your flipper account sir you know you're gonna have this on two different auction sites so how to create your flippers auction and and then yeah creating the the auction may video six is you know find potential buyers with furious net so you can actually reach out to potential buyers yourself without ready for them to come to you you know obviously to get interest straightaway there's also a flip mastery bonus video okay they go into even greater detail on the course so you know you're never going to be left behind you're gonna be able to read with us all the time make sure you don't you don't get stuck how do evaluate your domain so you know how to use SD but to be able to estimate what the domain value is also how to use Google Keyword planner and to get more info on a domain name so you can use that to sell them okay so to be able to use keywords to be able to rather good descriptions when you when comes to selling your domains and then how to use expired domains dotnet so you can get you know high value domains for for really cheap as well so that's it guys I would definitely recommend picking up flipsie you know you don't need any previous experience technical knowledge you don't need a list you don't need to know how to run paid advertising all the traffic's included so perfect for beginners perfect for experienced marketers alike it's a proven method and they bring a completely unique spin to it so pick it up you've got no risk there's a 30-day guarantee get all my bonuses so if you want to pick up flip T at highly recommend you do that early the link to my bonus pages in the description below and yeah let me know how it goes for you so thanks for watching I'm cloud smooth I'll see you again real soon goodbye