[Music] good evening I'm on my appoints car welcome to Poland daily business dozens of small apple producers applied to have the government by up their surplus produce after oversupply of fruit however the company suddenly started backing out of the program that aim to tackle shrinking apple prices as supply exceeds demand in Poland the minister of agriculture youngsters of our danowsky in their interview with Polish television said that German companies which dominate Poland's apple juice concentrate market and sell the concentrate worldwide have started to blackmail Polish companies saying that they would not buy apples in the future from the Polish producers who sold off their surplus to the Polish government the minister urges Polish apple producers to come together in opposition to blackmail from the West valuable raw materials that the whole world sought after can become a polar speciality we not only have rich copper deposit but Polish state-controlled oil and gas company proves that we can also have more of our own gas and the coal producer yastrzemski spoke of engraver proves that our coal reserves are still undervalued although they are still rated as one of the largest in Europe jsw has just begun drilling new coal research halls to confirm access to rich coking coal in their area of Escambia United Arab Emirates is a new supplier to Pekka Norlin the Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer this time a million barrels of oil will go to the port's refinery the ordered cargo will reach naphtha port at the turn of the member and December this year this is another step of diversifying oil supplies which is of strategic importance for the security of the state more burn oil extracted in the UAE has properties that make it possible to produce a relatively large amount of products such as gasoline kerosene and diesel thank you for watching Pollin daily business coming up next Alexander V risky and his guests good night you're watching Poland daily business edition our guest tonight is Tomas Dombrowski of the member of the board of pasta polska sir welcome to the show we will speak about 450 anniversary of Polish posts King ceasing mondosol gustas who lived in that building behind us established the permanent line postal line to Italy and that is officially recognized beginning of the Polish post but let's tell our viewers what is the Polish post today answer that question in a minute I just wanted to underline that it is very great to be here in the royal city of Krakow the former capital city of Poland especially that weather outside is very nice today the Polish post celebrates 460 years of existence today we are hosting the international conference we have our guests from all around the world including China and Europe the Polish post today is the world traditional and modern company at the same time we are in the business of delivery of parcels and letters this is the traditional model and also we are entering the new business of including financial services which are available today from electronic devices that everyone holds in the pocket we also introduced the new Solutions for our logistics like recently installed the most modern sort a sorting machine in Europe we are also trying to invest in development of our people because we are the most recognized and the biggest first of all employer in Poland with over 80,000 people and this is the power of power and power of pasta polska we have the first of all the strong brand recognition and trust from the customers and and three this is the power of our people our postman can reach every household in Poland and this is the advantage few years ago we've heard that humans are obsolete that they should be replaced but some new shiny equipment is the Polish Post thinking that way are really humans obsolete in the postal business that's a very good question well we will never this my opinion migrated fully into the will to our what I mean we as a society because we are physical humans so surely if it comes to automation of processes especially in handling of the data inputting data or moving parcels we need to support of modern technologies not just sorters machines but also robots this is the future I believe but surely there will be no food transfer of services because at the end of the day you receive at your home physical good a physical parcel that's perhaps less true for the traditional services of sending the messages because in the past it was you know the horses cart traveling for ages from one point to another today we use also all the means of transport including including rail and in the future the transfer of data and this is today this is not the future actually we all use emails use electronic devices the transfer of information is easy but the parcels need to be delivered physically so this is our role to have this done in a proper way so a question about future publish post ten years from now let's say we are in Krakow if I want to send my parcel to Gdansk how fast it will reach my destination I think the key issue in this question is whether the people I really want the parcels delivered you know the next day or two the same day I know that the expectation of clients is around the world is you know changing and everybody wants everything now or the day before yesterday but the fact I think and it results from the also polls and surveys that the clients they are looking for the company to keep the promise so it's not especially for the goods that are no you know not in a daily use to have it tomorrow but if the clients gets the promise to have it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it's the point to give him that parcel on date as promised so my dream is that will be keeping promises in 99.99 percent the national posts are trying to operate in the European market outside of its home market is polish posts also exploring that opportunity in fact yes mostly French and German postal organization which are in the Polish market present in the form of so-called three-letter companies there are the severe competition we are trying first of all to reach the number one in the ranking in the in the ranking here we also considering expansion into the neighbor neighboring countries but today our core market is Poland and we want to put all our efforts to have our postal services properly sorted here sir thank you very much Thomas Dombrowski member of the board of post our poll scows our guest tonight and that was run daily business [Music]