Tech news November 2nd 2018 Apple by the numbers gone Social media phishing super computers and more

welcome to this windows in computer channel and this is the technique update we are Friday November 2nd 2018 and today in our tech news update we have Apple that briefly fell below its one trillion dollar value because it actually said that's starting from now on sales figures for its products like the iPhones and the mac books and the iPads well they won't tell us how many days sold there won't be these numbers anymore which is kind of sad because I think for a company that is publicly owned these numbers should actually be there and of course this starts with the fact that holiday sales for iPhones will be sluggish as they are pretty much flat year-over-year right now so they're making more money only because you charge more for the funds nothing else University of Manchester has switched on a supercomputer that emulates at a small scale of course the human brain get this it has 1 million processors and it imitates the parallelization of the brain the way that it sends billions of bits of data to different places at the same time because that's the way our brains work instead of having point A to point B so of course this is a small scale experiment to see how maybe one day AI might actually be like our human brain Microsoft has renewed its commitment to adding data centers at the bottom of the ocean they say that right now the experiments are going well and of course one of the reasons why about two it reasons why it's really inexpensive way of cooling the data centers but also because they'll be able to put them at different strategic places at the bottom of the ocean well it will make the lowest latency possible the delays between the webpages the delays between the bits on the internet will be lowered which means that the internet will be faster a Google Chrome interesting story that comes from a a security company that says that when Google Chrome started issuing unsecure and the URL or in the bar in the address bar because you weren't on in secure website well this started to change some of the habits it seems that as websites that don't have SSL certificates for HTTPS they often don't have them because they're not free they often cost money well a study is saying that it's actually worth the money to buy these certificates to make sure your site is an HTTPS or secure because users are now starting to get afraid when the Chrome browser says it's not and might move away without even interacting with your website just because of that so maybe you should get that HTTPS I HS market is of course looking at different sales of different things including smartphones well it says that in the third quarter of this year the sales of smartphones around the world dropped 3.3 percent year-over-year at three hundred and fifty four point eight million units but there are some that actually haven't been and others some Chinese manufacturers are actually making a lot of gains and stair competition is increasing and the biggest smartphone maker in the world according to their stats it still Samsung but it's losing ground fast to the Chinese competition it sold 70 point nine million units and that is damn 15 percent year-over-year so looking into buying the latest greatest graphics GPU from Nvidia the r-tx 20 atti well there might be a problem as more and more users are reporting that there graphics cards are failing much sooner and that it's not just a couple of reports it seems that there's a major problem possibly with the graphics currents so a lot of users have been saying that they fail only after a few months of use and many reports I've been showing up about this which probably frustrates them you know the price of DS cost a malicious extension that is now gone it was available for major browsers was able to scoop up many Facebook private messages eighty-one thousand of them are up for sale at that cents each the group behind the scoop says 120 million accounts were breached but there's no proof of that and if there were on 20 million accounts why is there just 81 thousand of them for sale so apparently it's an extension that was available but it's gone now so the problem is apparently God Apple Google Facebook Microsoft and other time tech giant's are voices voicing their opposition to the rules about transgender policy they say that it's time to have everybody included and not have a world where you are categorized depending on your gender and of course this goes after many information about changes and the rights of transgender gay and lesbian people so do you think that your newest greatest phone as a good battery life compared to the last one you had tests conducted seemed to show that the most newer phones including the latest iPhone 10 10 s latest Samsung on average the battery lasts 30 minutes less than the predecessor than the last version of the same phone and the reason why lithium-ion batteries have reached her maximum capacity so basically when you look at the newer phones they don't have bigger batteries because they can't unless they are bigger have bigger batteries simply put and that the newer smartphones being more powerful in having bright OLED screens and high resolutions actually draw more power from the same battery so on average 30 minutes less social media phishing scams are on the rise according to a new report many sites like Facebook have been able to mitigate phishing from within its own services but email and malware phishing scams are able to actually have bad guys get control of some of the user accounts and this creates a lot of collateral damage because social media you have a lot of personal details in there and there's a lot of things that people can do with that data and this was a tech news update for Friday November 2nd 2018 you enjoy videos please subscribe give us thumbs up thank you for watching