The Tai Lopez Secrets Exposed – Grant Cardone

so what's what's what's what's the idea behind the chicks okay you got a lot of chicks dude chillin jacuzzi yeah I'm a frickin I'm I'm gonna take the cover off this thing right off okay that's right they call me the investigator the Tai Lopez investigator [Music] people think it's like this what people think about me they think that I wake up in the morning I go let me shoot a commercial so let me find pretty girls okay bite them overtime but I've had to go to the garage to shoot the cars but you know what I like a lot more than materialistic things knowledge but you know that first Hana to go down to the garage a collage that I got that video that got it got over 600 million views oh there's a few variations of it I'm sewing on most viewed videos in history besides a music video that's the base listen to me I promise you this if you don't have people consistently criticizing you if you don't have haters then we and poppin that's off you gotta know [Music]