Traffic Robot Review – DRIVE TRAFFIC- 50+ Mega Bonus Package

hey everybody it's way down from true reviewer calm so this video is about traffic robot it's a brand new software coming out 23 hours and 52 minutes as you can see right here and if you decide to buy this software that's probably gonna be the very best time to buy it right when it launches to get the very cheapest early bird special and to get all the special bonuses from the developers so let's find out what is this right what is it well let me tell you it's called traffic robot it's from the same people that make affiliate money machines 2.0 I believe and they've got another one similar to what it is is basically a dashboard where you can put your videos or your pictures or or different posts and stuff and then you can send them out to like 13 different you know popular places on the internet right to get traffic so it's all about bringing traffic to your offers so real quickly I want to show you guys that this is really kind of cool because it's a preview you're not gonna be able to see their sales page it's not out right now so I've taken all the information from their sales page and I've put it all together on this on this bonus page that I made for you guys right so it's really cool if nothing else it's just a neat little preview to kind of get an idea and start thinking about whether or not this particular product will help your business or not right so that's the whole goal of making these bonus pages you know before the products come out to try get you guys thinking about it and also to try to bribe you so let's go ahead and do that right now first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to ask you guys to feel free to click on the link below and come check this all out and figure out what it is I'll tell you what it is in a minute though it's it's pretty much I'm gonna actually show you the demo how about that let's watch the demo together so we'll really see it in action so here's the bonuses that are going to be available on early bird special from the developer and you know agency licenses is built in free right now if you get this time you know he's got a couple training things there too it looks like so I would you know get that agency license why not right and see you might as well if you're gonna get it you might as well get it on much special right so we get that out of the way now this is my bribe for you guys they've got four or five I believe bonuses I went ahead and made it a total of fifty bonuses and it's all stuff that goes with it your five-step launch jacking formula so you're gonna need traffic for that affiliate marketing up I won't have me an affiliate marketing on these bonuses for you guys because I think that that's probably what you're gonna use this traffic for so you know killer stuff killer blueprints I mean you know you can resell these things you can build your list almost everything I offer in my bonuses are made so that you can either resell them and make a little extra money or give them away free and build your list so anyone that understands marketing knows that these bonuses are extremely valuable especially with the rights they have with them so this video isn't about the bonuses there's fifty of them click on the link below and come look at him yourself you know now another thing I want to remind you is that none of these links will be alive right now as you can see up here links are off until launch so if you click on them they're really not on right now so don't get confused about that cool so remember what this is about is this about having a place on the internet on the cloud where you can put a video or you can put a video image or text post and it'll go to like thirteen really cool places on the Internet and one thing then I have to say about this that I do like is that it uses medium which is a real valuable website for backlinks I use medium so that was a good move on these guys so let's watch the video everyone will adore there this is a quick video just to show you how the software actually works so once we log into the cloud based platform you can see you displayed you get displayed this screen you can see some stats of how many different campaigns you've been running as well as that on the left hand side among the different types of campaigns so traffic robot allows a customer queue you know leverage social media sites to get tons of free traffic and there's three different types of campaigns that somebody can run so they can run a video campaign okay when they can upload a video it will be distributed to different video sites and then the links all those video sites will be distributed to different social sites someone can also run an image campaign being select their own image from that with their affiliate link or they can upload an image from pixabay into a keyword it pulls in the images make money online click on search keep pulling the different images make money okay roll the keyword okay so these are the different images that get pulled up when you try to make money if you're trapped in details for health alright so you get all these different images for health and so on so somebody can select one of these images and you know they can use the image that's indicate an image to different social media sites or you can just make a plain text post and you know syndicate that to different social sites so you know this software is our ladies soft wearing it includes the ability to post to 13 different science a core YouTube Dailymotion they've got blogger Twitter LinkedIn reddit medium plug live journal Instapaper right as well as you know you can also use images on tumblr I am tu Oh as well as that you know there's three more in the profile section that require username cause words which are securely stored and these other ones these are all one click connect so you just click on connect and automatically through the API connects to the customers account so that they can easily Cyndi ate their content we will include training here and the usual support and so on so if you need an account for you film if you want to try this out let us know and that David know you know queue up with an account so I hope you enjoyed this quick demo and I'll speak to you soon alright everybody so you heard it right there if you think this is interesting and that you I wanna learn a little bit more about it click on the link below come take your time here and watch the video and look at all this information and remember if you do decide to buy this after it launches which will be tomorrow come back and get it through my link because I have an extremely valuable set of bonuses that I think are very very well married to this product ok so that's it wait Alan over and out