WION Wallet: Business leaders call for second EU vote on Brexit

and it's time for Britain to leave the European Union years more than 50 senior business leaders have signed a letter asking for a new public vote on the final terms of Britain's exit from the European Union signatories include the chief executive of bookstore chain Waterstone s James don't and the former boss of supermarket sends Bri Justin King the letter will warn the brexit proposals being discussed by Britain and the European Union will not deliver frictionless trade for Britain afters exit campaigners on both sides of the argument have stepped up their efforts in recent months as London and Brussels hoped to agree or break the deal by the end of the year and meanwhile in Kent England our joint effigy of Boris Johnson Britain's former foreign ministry and leading pegs attire has been burned during bonfire night celebrations the George's was portrayed wearing shorts holding a blue EU cake his effigy had two of the now-infamous red buses used during campaigning before the 2015 pregs that referendum at his feet [Music] you [Music]