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2018... You need to stay true to the basics! Don't... Abandon... The... Basics!

If you are anywhere online right now, there are stories and ads all over the place that are urging you to make your resolutions! In fact, many of the articles are similar to... "9 Steps for Success, in 2018!" "Here is how to conquer everything in 2018!" "New Year, New You!" You know the drill. Just google 2018 New years resolutions and prepare to be bombarded.

Here is the number one thing that will keep you successful in 2018 - staying true to yourself and staying true to your basic principles. The core processes and principles that got you to see success in your past, will be the launch of your future success as well. If you're in sales, for example, stay rooted in your basic sales process. Whatever your process is, stay true to that core.

You should always be on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, processes and products - but, don't lose sight of your core. Add-ons should bring value to the way you already do business.

Your passion for what you do and who you are is what has gotten you to see some success already. Hold onto that, and build on it. Have a killer 2018!



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