The Auto Industry Crisis & What This Means For Our Economy

in 2018, GM announced that they will be laying off over 14,000 employees - int his video we explain what this means for the economy & how to prepare
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The Auto Industry Crisis & What This Means For Our Economy
0:10 - GM offered their employees a buyout option before laying off 14,700 employees
0:43 - GM is not a charity they are a business that sells cars for profit. They are a major player in the auto industry
1:35 - Most employers are not looking out for your best interest
1:56 - The inevitable, the need for labor and manufacturing jobs is becoming obsolete
3:32 - The ripple affect of laying off workers because suppliers will be affected next, and Ford is predicted to lay off workers too
4:57 - Learn from history, prior to the 2008 crash Ford had huge layoffs to stay ahead of the economy
5:30 - How layoffs affect the economy as America breaks a record for total consumer debt

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