2 Stations Crash During Popular Weekend Show

December 5th, 2018, Phoenix, AZ.

This past weekend marked the debut of a new featured show on the Business Speakers Radio Network, a show called "Speaker Saturday." With over 20 guest speakers, authors, and world class experts showing up and sharing their best advice on how to help you have a better, more productive, profitable, and happier life, Speaker Saturday was a remarkable success. Apparently a bigger success than we expected, as traffic volumes tripped up our website hosting and caused both the Business Speakers Radio Network and HHG Radio to have a number of errors and eventually crash and completely go off-line.

Fortunately our live streams were still running so listeners could still access the stations from our show sites and from our Facebook pages, but it took until early morning on Sunday for us to get everything back on-line and working properly on our actual station websites.

This week we're adding on all the extra content that we had previously loaded before the crash, so look forward to more and more awesome surprises, contests, and content to pop up from now on.