Spain FM: Maduro regime not legitimate

(24 Jan 2019) Spain has called for a meeting of European Union foreign ministers to discuss the escalating political crisis in Venezuela and find the best way to support free and fair elections in the troubled country.
Speaking in Madrid on Thursday, Foreign Minister Josep Borrell called President Nicolas Maduro's government illegitimate.
But he declined to follow other world leaders and the Spanish opposition in endorsing the interim presidency, self-proclaimed on Wednesday by the president of the opposition-led Venezuelan National Assembly.
Spain was among European countries that until earlier this week was promoting an international mediation between Maduro's administration and the opposition.
But Borrell said the situation had "changed radically", with reports of at least seven anti-government protesters killed in Venezuela.
Spain's prime minister is scheduled to hold talks on Venezuela with Latin American leaders on the sidelines of the Davos economic forum on Thursday.

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