New Show Launches Today!

The Business Speakers Radio Network is proud and pleased as punch to announce the brand new launch of the Girl With Vision Radio Show, hosted by our own Debbie Merrick.

Debbie has definitely got a story to tell you of a childhood impacted by bullying and a lifelong personal growth through entrepreneurship to her goals of inspiring everyone, especially girls and women, to transform themselves from those feelings of doubt and criticism to the mindset and visions you can have for the successful lives you want to lead and achieve.

In her show airing today at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, Debbie interviews guest expert Eric Frost, a nationally recognized security expert, about his insights into how best to deal with the issue of bullying, and how to lead the transformational charge that can help identify bullies and victims earlier and transform them both to more successful and happier human beings earlier.

Girl With Vision is a show that extends well beyond the focus of bullying though, and helps people, teams, and organizations understand the value and roles that personal and group identities have in creating success at both personal and organizational levels.

By developing a Vision of the future the way you want it to be, identifying your Identity Avatars, and finding the Synergies between them, combining those with the power of Leveraging a robust Professional and Personal Network, and you have transformative power that can drive ongoing results in any context.

Visit to see what Debbie is up to next and find some great transformational content updated regularly.