The Business Speakers Radio Network started on Blog Talk Radio several years ago and ran for just over 18 months before we decided to pull the plug mistakenly seeing only our 'live listens' statistics, which frankly were anemic at best. About 6 months later we started receiving hundreds of letters from listeners asking, begging, cajoling, and nagging us to come back on the air with new shows. It turns out we were getting thousands of replays per episode and we hadn't seen those stats until our listeners brought it to our attention.

Notice we LOVE our listeners - they help us catch little details like that.

Well, by that point we had decided to do some serious learning from our experience with Blog Talk and spent the next several years trying to find a better way to do the kind of radio that we wanted to do in the first place - all experts, no talking heads, all the time. No paid or sponsored ads on air, although affiliates were perfectly acceptable. All totally different revenue models to normal radio stations so that we were NEVER dependent on spending our time selling ads in order to pay to bring great content to our listeners.

Well, after several tries to get this station off the ground as a full-fledged, 24-hour a day, 365 day-a-year streaming station.... we're finally ready to make it happen, and with that comes syndication to over 300 other stations worldwide for our shows.

If you want to hear from real experts about the business topics every business owner deals with, not a panel of talking head entertainers that get a 40 line brief about the subject 5 minutes before they go on air, then you're going to join our rabid fans that absolutely love our way of doing things.

We're also bringing on global news programs, high profile speakers and hosts from other networks, and building out our own original global business news reporting. Contests, games, events, premium content memberships, reviews, and so much more will round out our offerings, including videos of our hosts delivering their latest and greatest new presentations, VIP Mastermind retreats in awesome destinations all over the world... BSRN is a cool place to hang out and learn things you simply won't find anywhere else.