Our hosts are all experts in their own fields before they start hosting shows for us. That means that unlike all of the other major networks, you're not going to hear panels of people who know nothing first-hand about the subjects they're talking about. On the Business Speakers Radio Network you're going to hear real experts talking about real substantive issues in their fields and in the news today.

Check out our hosts below:

Karel Glazer

Karel Glazer is the host of the all new show, Conversations With Karel where she interviews business leaders and thought leaders from around the world about changes they are making in how they lead by changing how they think.

Karel is the founder of the Paradigm Prototyping Model, a model she uses to help her clients solve business and personal challenges and remove blocks to their success by identifying personal and organizational paradigms that are not working and developing the tools and practices needed to replace those paradigms with new ones that work for her clients instead.


AM Williams

AM Williams is the host of YES, GO! a brand new show helping people take control of their lives and their businesses by helping them answer the most important questions that keep them from being successful - Should they do it, and when?

Since 90% of all businesses fail due to some issue of either fear or motivation, Coach Williams breaks down the steps it takes to get rid of the BS that gets in our heads or comes from our 'support systems' that talks us out of our successes before we even start. He then walks us through the steps we need to take to get launched and scale our businesses to meet and exceed our highest dreams.

Listen as Coach AM talks to other business leaders and owners about the strategies they take to get out of their own ways and get their staff to be more successful, their lives to be more fulfilling, and their businesses to grow. Got questions for Coach Williams? Join his show's premium content membership and submit your questions directly. You may hear your questions answered on air or get a personal response directly from Coach Williams!

Mark Stowers

Mark Stowers is a CPA with over 600 podcasts in his repertoire already. He's launching several new shows on BSRN Radio over the next few months, the first one being a show about those that worked their tails off to overcome the challenges of being an entrepreneur and have come out the other end successfully. His new show, "I Made It!" will help thousands of entrepreneurs see new paths to success to follow and to see exactly what it takes to be successful as Mark himself shares his expertise in small business success strategies.



Chris Cayer

Chris Cayer is the Founder of the Business Speakers Radio Network and is the host of several shows on our station - X-Mondays, The Professional Speakers Radio Show, and his all new show The Joint Venture Institute. With a highly successful series of shows on Blog Talk Radio a few years ago, Chris found his niche in speaking with world business leaders and experts in conversations that really connected with audiences for over 100 episodes.

Prior to that he spent several years on talk radio in Ottawa, Canada, helping businesses, nonprofits, and politicians share the answers their callers needed on a variety of experts-on-call format shows. An interview guest on radio and TV off and on for over 30 years, Chris has a unique way of breaking down problems into solvable and understandable chunks that his audiences love.