The Business Speakers Radio Network got its start on Blogtalk Radio in 2012 with an amazing selection of social media experts and personalities that truly made for an amazing conversation, if it weren’t for the incessant echoing problem. Still listeners emailed us for several years after that episode sharing how much they learned about social media and how much fun it was to listen to us as experts talk about what we do and the weird and wonderful things that go with it.

Fast forward and after a year long hiatus during 2020, which, let’s face it, if ever there was a year to take off, this was it, now the Business Speakers Radio network is back, bigger, stronger, and better than ever before, with 24 hour programming sharing the gurus secrets, the latest news from America and around the world as we can get it, and contests, and giveaways, and so much more.

Founded to help audiences connect to real subject matter experts as opposed to media talking heads, where the experts talk about what they know, their guests talk about what they know and the audiences, that would be YOU, get to hear from people who know what they’re talking about for a change.

If I’m being crystal clear here, the reason that the Business Speakers radio Network and our sister stations exist is because no one wants to hear the talking heads, with their five minutes of Google searching as the foundation of their expertise, done by an intern with the life experience of the youthful person that they are, as the basis for forming the opinions that are driving the discussion and outcomes of the nation, or in fact the world.

We want to know there are real experts to call on when a specific topic comes up and that people begin to know who those experts are.

That’s what we’re here for.

On our stations you’re not going to hear politics, religion, or sex as main talking points on any of our shows. You won’t hear us talk about them, not because the topics don’t deserve interest and attention, but because all of our stations ultimately serve audiences around the world with vastly differing points of view on those topics, while when we stick to other expertise-based topics, our audiences may disagree with a particular host or guest on a given topic, but rarely will it rise to the level of disagreement those other topics have garnered over the last few decades.

That means we can have grown up, respectful conversations about any other topic and not get sidetracked by the demons that hover in the other three subjects, just waiting to pounce and derail an otherwise perfectly exciting conversation that everyone actually gets something productive out of listening to and participating in.

We firmly believe that change happens much more powerfully by example than it does by stirring confrontation and division, so our stations fully support our experts in their efforts to build stronger businesses, stronger communities of followers, and stronger relationships with the world at large. With that leverage each host, each community, and ultimately each listener gains something from every show, every email, and every conversation, and by extension, that allows each of them, in turn, a true, and clear path to changing the world.

I know that might sound a little woo-woo, but it’s what we believe, and how we feel, and ultimately it’s how we work and hope each day to make our marks on the world and on history in the process.

So come join us, stand with us, do jumping jacks if you want, but listen. Listen, learn, and engage, so we can help you and you can help us, as we go around answering the burning question we all need answered for the sanities of our souls…. the question we all are dying to see answered? “I wonder what this button does?”

Thanks for checking us out, and I really hope we get to have a fun and entertaining chin wag together soon.


Chris Cayer (Founder), and the rest of the BSRN Family.