The Business Speakers Radio Network isn’t just an outstanding radio station where you get to hear people who know what they’re talking about talk about things they know with other experts who also know what they’re talking about so you can know what you’re talking about when it’s something that matters in your business or your life.

BSRN Radio also is a massive producer and partner on literally hundreds of events each year. Business expos, arts and entertainment festivals, world class conferences and summits, video series, and other professional, educational, and entertainment events are hosted, managed, or promoted by us every week somewhere online or in-person.

These events often need hosts, speakers, entertainers, vendors, sponsors, and partners to make the events the world-class spectacles they really ought to be.

If you are a Speaker or a Host, and wish to apply to one of our many events, you will be asked to apply to each event individually, and to fill out all appropriate forms and releases through the drop down menu and form tool below:

    If you wish to apply to be a Vendor at one of our events, please fill out the form below:

      If you wish to be a Sponsor of one of our events, please use the form below to apply and we’ll reply as soon as we possibly can…

        If you are looking to Entertain our guests, please follow through on the form below so you can see all the opportunities for Entertainers that might be a fit for you:

          And finally, if you want to partner with us on one of our events, please fill out the following form so we can see how we can get the ball rolling: